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50% of leads are not ready to buy at the first conversion. So lead nurturing is really important. In email lead nurturing it feels to the reader as a one on one conversion if you personalize your emails properly.

In terms of engagement, research shows that lead nurturing emails beat out individual email blasts by far.

So here I will give you 5 ideas on how you can design your email campaigns.

1) Welcome series mail

Think of this as a first date with the reader. You need to make an impression which is good enough and lasting.

In this mail your objectives should be first to introduce your brand. In this you provide them info who are you and how the reader can contact you and along with some proof on how the reader can get more information about you.

Then comes the second mail in which you need to focus on explanation through your personal stories. Tell the reader why your business exists and what makes you stand apart from the crowd. Basically mention your USP (Unique selling point).

In the third mail you should talk about how exactly your product or service is going to help the reader. Up to what extent it will be beneficial them. The key to this is try convincing yourself first on why you should buy your product.

Now comes the time you start building the trust in them. You show them social proof about your product and how they have helped people. Even in this case you may use reviews that have been posted by the user of your products.

Here comes the Ace of your cards. This email will be about enticing the reader to buy your products. In this email you can provide some special offer as thank you for joining and entice the reader to make the purchase.

2) Lead nurturing

This is the stage where you start nurturing your leads that you got from your welcome series.

The first email is all about thanking your reader for their opt in and giving them a generous and exclusive offer which will make them feel that your company cares about them and you are thankful for their effort of subscribing.

The second mail should be about the steps they should take in due course to achieve the desired results. It can be steps about how can they get the desired output they are aiming for.

Now it’s time to showcase your endorsers or customer reviews that you have got. Provide them with links on social proofs that you have. Redirect them to your social media pages like linkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or to review sites like TrustPilot or TrustLink.

For this step you should give some incentives to proceed to the next step like discount, free trial or a basic pdf which can help them with anything. Free things are always nice you know.

Now you maybe a tactic called “Scarcity Tactic”. Here you show the reader that they have limited time to act on the offer or maybe they will lose their chance. Things like limited edition, limited stocks, deadline for offer always give that nudge to do something.

This mail should consist of problems. By problems I mean you should analyze what your customer is facing and how they can be helped with your product or service. Reading about problems always creates and

intuition to solve it and it can give them the final nudge that they require.

That should be enough to build the trust in your readers now we will go for sales pitch in the next part.

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