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Looking for a place where you could invest your money? Poland might not come to your mind first, Right? Probably you think it’s a cold place which still is suffering from its time under communist rule.

Do you remember the time in 90s how Germany, just after the crisis when Germany was newly reformed? Many people hesitated to invest there but those smart people who did got a real nice ROI. Probably now you wish to have a time machine so that you can go back in time and add some of your money there. Well, you cannot go back in time but there is a similar situation now with Poland and you can catchup on the investment and can expect a good return.

It’s one of the largest countries in Europe and it joined the European Union in 2004 and gets benefited by increasing investments from the union. Many multinational companies have started to invest in Poland like Cadbury, Delloite, EY, Motorola etc.

In this article I will provide you with several reasons why you should invest in Poland. By the end of this article I am sure you will start booking your flights.

Why the corporations started investing in Poland?

The main reason why the corporations wanted to expand to Poland are its location, its infrastructure and the most important its people.

President and national Manager of Motorola Company cited that their branch in Poland is the Europe’s largest and the third largest in Worldwide network. The reason behind the success is the availability of abundant high quality graduates.

Bertrand Touraton Vice president of the Management Board of Michelin Polska also sited about the high quality of Polish Workers and also how he sees the high potential of market in Central Europe.

Andreas Klinge, President of VW Motors also says that he is quite pleased with the availability of high quality employees in Poland and also Geographically Poland is placed in a position which is most suitable to take advantage of both Eastern and Western markets. Leading to high business value of the location.

In Bloomberg’s 2013 rankings, Poland was the best CEE country for business and a report by Ernst & Young regarding Attractiveness for Investment states that within 3 years, Poland will be 2nd in Europe behind Germany.

Why should you invest in Poland?

Now I am going to tell you some basic facts on the basis of which you should decide whether you should invest in Poland.

· 105.8 billion Euros of European Union funds will be allocated to Poland in the year 2014 to 2020: Which means higher development and high growth of market.

· The GDP of Poland is increasing at a higher rate of 3 times than an average European country. Which again shows the growth rate of Polish Economy.

· Being at a suitable position Geographically Poland’s exports of goods have increased more than twenty times 21 years.

· Again due to its geographical position it provides a nice getaway to emerging markets in Central and Eastern Europe. As of now over 300 flights are connected in a week from Poland to UK.

· During Economic crisis across Europe in 2008 only Poland survived the recession.

· Student population in Poland is massive accounting to 10% of Europe’s student population is from Poland. Adding to that 50% of student population in Poland opt for higher education.

· Being said about the quality of student population in Poland you can add that most of them can speak 3 languages namely Polish, English and one other language.

· And also there is an easy availability of lawyers and consultants.

Other facts to consider

The Polish government is really strong and has an impressive track record from last 20 years. Adding to that the banking sector and economy is really strong and can be trsuted upon.

Similar to Britain around 60% of Polish people don’t want a monetary union hence have Zloty as their currency. But unlike Britain they are building their economic strength to join the union in future, possibly by 2019.

As far as the investment of Government is concerned, Poland received an amount Euro 56 billion in 2013 which the government decided to invest in communication like Roads, Railways and infrastructure which heled in better job opportunities for the poles and better communication with other European countries.

Poland is the biggest area of investment in accordance to infrastructure. Its infrastructure values are soaring high and more and more people are getting interested to invest in property. Also Poland has an advantage again because of the shortest road that goes from Europe to Asia passes right through its borders. Lots of infrastructure companies are already in place taking benefits of the high quality workers and the monetary benefits from the high number of interested people who are investing on infrastructure.

Also Polish Government is providing very nice incentives for foreigners who want to invest in Poland and the highest growth has been seen in sectors such as IT, Finance and R&D.

The incentives include tax exemptions and also have setup locations best for setting up business and also are equipped with facilities to help the business grow.

Did I convince you enough to book your flights yet?

Author: Shubham Mohapatra 

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