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Sell more with less effort. With dmsales team, you can efficiently connect with the right business partners and expand your reach.

Schedule a meeting with us today and discover how we can help you grow your sales in Poland!

During the meeting, we will talk about your needs and challenges i.e on polish market. We will tailor DMSales functions and services that will help you reach potential customers and automate the sales process in your company.

You will see how, thanks to the implemented solutions:

you will organize and improve
the lead generation process

you will improve the process
of identifying sales opportunities

you will reach potential customers
through various data sources

Want to learn more about the our Premium package? Check the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Who is the Premium plan for?

The Premium plan is dedicated to companies that need individual implementation of tools and specialist support especially on polish market. This is a solution for companies that want to delegate some or all of the work related to active customer acquisition (prospecting) and marketing to experienced specialists.

What is included in Premium?

The plan includes full access to the functionality of the DMSales system and dedicated agency services provided by marketing specialists. If you want to increase the visibility of your business, reach potential customers through various sources, implement advertising campaigns – this package is for you.


What is the cost of the Premium plan?

The Premium package starts from PLN 2,500 per month. The target amount depends on your budget and need for services.

How can we help you with the Premium plan?

In reaching and identifying potential customers, in arranging meetings, in creating prospecting content, in organizing or arranging the sales process, and in automating sales and marketing communications. We will build your website, increase its visibility, advertise your company in advertising ecosystems and create content for your company blog. We will implement a range of services that will respond to your needs.

How to prepare for a meeting?

Before the meeting, prepare a list of questions you want to ask us, as well as develop information about your company – competitive advantages, main sales pillars, company structure, problems, challenges, needs.
Please read the communication you will receive from us and the materials we will send to you. This will make it easier for us to conduct the meeting.

Will we talk about support in the development of your business?

If you feel that this offer is for you and you want to implement our tool and solutions in your company – schedule a free, 45-minute online meeting during which we will learn about your needs and prepare an initial support proposal.

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